Thursday, May 02, 2002

In a col I wrote before I ankled (as they used to say in Variety) the NYO, I expressed a certain skepticism about a party thrown in Jamaica, obviously on the cuff, for one Star Jones, a fat woman who's on a show sometimes hosted by the equally repellent Barbara Walters. So I was delighted to come across the following words in the Gleaner, Jamaica's paper of record, in an article bemoaning the state of tourism there, and that the Jamaica Tourist Board is tap city: "A source at the Ministry of Finance told The Gleaner yesterday that the JTB had been very "reckless" in its spending, citing as examples US$1.3 million spent on creating a single ad, "which is yet to be aired," and "spending loads of cash throwing a party recently for an American celebrity." " That it was a dubious celebrity makes it worse.
Incidentally, I urge readers to check out the website of our Jamaica house: Here's why, SUMMER in Jamaica is terrific. No hotter than the Hamptons and with these offsetting advantages: totally dependable sun, more swimmable ocean, restaurants, golf, tennis, beach etc. right there and wholly accessible, pampering first-class - AND, what is to my mind the most important factor: asshole count 1% or less of what it is in east Hampton etc - all for 1/4 the price. Check it Out, I say!